Range F.A.Q.

Can I bring my own ammo?

Yes… if it does NOT contain steel within the projectile or a phosphorus coating such as a “tracer” round.

This is determined by our staff running your ammunition past a magnet to see if the bullet shows any signs of magnetism. Lead, or lead coated in a copper jacket will not. Steel and other metals not allowed will. (This means NO M855 green tip)

Our ranges are outfitted with steel plated backstops with running water to contain lead dust particulate. If steel penetrators or any other harder metal impacts with our backstop’s steel, it will damage the backstop plates by leaving large craters. This is very costly to fix and replace.  We will check your ammunition prior to shooting and may spot check if we see indications of steel projectiles being used.

What if I shoot steel penetrating ammunition on the range?

You will be charged a minimum of $100 per round fired AND you will be banned from the facility for life.

Please, double check your ammo and insure you aren’t shooting our backstops with any ammunition we don’t allow. Help us keep our range open and available to everyone in the shooting community!

Can I keep my own brass?

Yes, you can...

However, we require that you use a brass catcher or similar device to do so. We understand that many shooters also enjoy the art of reloading and we fully support this. The issue is we have had many safety violations of individuals chasing brass on the floor and even crossing the red safety line. This issue is reflected in our insurance policy as well. Due to this, once the brass casing touches the floor it may be swept forward of the red safety firing line to keep the range safe and clear of tripping hazards.

Do I need to bring my own target, staples or tape?

You may bring your own targets if you would like.

We also have a selection of targets which you can purchase here. In addition, we provide cardboard target backers and tape located on the range for you to use.

Can I shoot my rifle on the range?


We allow rifle calibers up to .30-06 on our range. This includes your AR-15, AR-10, M1A, M1 Garand, etc. If you have some obscure caliber you would like to shoot, please give us a call to double check if you’re uncertain. Again, just ensure your ammunition has no steel core. 7.62×39 and 7.62x54r shooters be aware most surplus ammo produced for you has steel.

Can I fire my shotgun at your range?


But only if you are firing slugs, 00,000 or 4 Buck. We do not allow any other type of shotgun round to be fired on the range.

Can I fire my .50AE Desert Eagle / .460 Revolver there?


Just be courteous and please warn your shooting lane neighbor.

Can I fire my Class 3 Machine gun or Suppressor on your range?


Just be sure to bring your tax stamps with the items. Please let our RSO on duty know what’s going on, follow our ammunition restrictions, and demonstrate full control over the firearm. Just keep in mind you will be responsible for any damages to the facility.

Can I shoot my Air rifle, BB gun, Airsoft gun, bow and arrow, crossbow, drone with a real gun attached to it… etc. on your range?


I am a permit holder, can I bring someone who does not have their permit?


Each permit holder may bring 1 individual who does not possess a permit.

I don’t have a permit, however I have a military ID / Police ID can I use the range?

Yes, you are more than welcome to use our facility.

Thanks for your service!

I don’t have a permit and I don’t know anyone with a permit to go with… can I use the range?

Yes, however…

You will be required to have an instructor on the range with you while you shoot. This costs $50 for a half hour or $100 for an hour. (This INCLUDES the range time fee) This isn’t a baby sitter you’re paying for, you will receive a great lesson and some top-quality instruction by our training staff throughout! You can sign up directly on our website or email Bryce@deltaarsenal.com for more information.

I have my permit but I’m new at this and could use some help…

You came to the right place.

Consider taking an hour private lesson with one of our instructors. This way you will be shooting on a private range in a comfortable environment and going at your own pace. Our instructors are very experienced in assisting new shooters and you will be getting great value from your money. You will leave feeling more confident, shooting more accurately, and have a better understanding and feel of your firearm. Take that initial NRA class a step further and feel comfortable with being able to use a firearm safely, accurately and reliably.

You can sign up directly on our website or email Bryce@deltaarsenal.com for more information.

I took an NRA class and I am waiting to receive my permit, can I use the range?


If you took your class here at Delta Arsenal and our records can confirm this, then yes you may use the range and hopefully take advantage of your beginner’s membership!

If you did not take the required NRA course with us, then unfortunately you will need to come with a friend who has their permit or pay for an instructor.

Can I bring my child to shoot on the range?

Yes, however…

We ask that children from 12 to 16 years old only fire .22lr from a rifle and be under direct supervision of the permit holding parent or legal guardian at all times. A parent or legal guardian will be required to sign a waiver for anyone under the age of 18.

Children under 12 may shoot at our range with a parental guardian by appointment only. 1 child is allowed per permit holding parental guardian / accompanying permit holding adult.

Can I reserve a lane on the shooting range prior to arriving?


We operate on a first come first serve basis. Once you arrive and are taken care of at our range counter, if there is any wait you will be placed in order and called when a lane opens.

How long are the wait times?

Not long if at all...

We have multiple indoor ranges at our facility and typically have 18 shooting lanes open to the public at any given time. This means a relatively quick turnaround time if the case arises where you must wait. Typically, we are a little busier on the weekends in comparison to during the week. Most of the time there is no wait to get a lane on the range.

I’m visiting from outside the United States, can I shoot on the range?


Please make arrangements by emailing Bryce@deltaarsenal.com prior to showing up so we can properly accommodate you and your party. Also, consider renting a Full Automatic Machine Gun while you’re here! It’s a great experience which you won’t soon forget.

I’m an NRA instructor, can I bring students to your facility and use your classroom or range?

Contact our management.

Please call (203) 265-0121 or email Sales@deltaarsenal.com and ask about the current NRA Instructor programs and rates we offer.