Tired of gun shops and ranges with an attitude? Whether you are a novice shooter looking for guidance or the professional looking for a place to practice, Delta Arsenal is for you! We are veteran owned and operated with three indoor shooting ranges and an on-site gunsmith. Delta Arsenal is what a gun store should be.

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CT Pistol Permit & Training

Delta Arsenal is Connecticut’s leading provider of NRA (National Rifle Association) Certified Pistol permit courses and firearm training.

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Firearm & Munition Sales

At Delta Arsenal we cater for everyone from the complete novice to the professional and tactical firearms enthusiast.

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Gunsmithing Services

We can build a gun from the receiver and up, or modify what you already have. We can add rail systems, a different barrel and more!

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CT Pistol Permits

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CT's Premier Firearms Dealer & Training Center

Delta Arsenal LLC is based out of Wallingford, Connecticut. We have been in business since 2006 manufacturing high-quality munitions for law enforcement and military contracts as well as providing a service to the general public. Since May 2010, we have opened our very own Pro Shop selling a wide variety of tactical and standard firearms.