The Most Inclusive and Versatile Indoor Shooting Range
Located in Central Connecticut

Range Rates

Half Hour


Full Hour


What Sets Us Apart?

Bring your own ammo (Non-steel penetrating)


We allow rifles and pistols on our ranges, calibers up to 7.62×39

3 Indoor Gun Ranges

Each One Has A Unique Setup To Meet Your Needs

10 Lanes
75' Long

8 Lanes
50' Long

Open Bay
Private Range
50' Long


Shooting Range & Gun Rentals


Unlimited Range Time with Free Guests Monday - Friday

Priority Admittance to Public Range

Free Pistol Rentals + Eye and Ear Pro Rentals

10% OFF of Range Ammo, Targets, Bags + Blades

$10 OFF Transfers

10% OFF Training Courses

Other Rate Options: $400 Bi-Annually -or- $200 Down and then $60 per Month


Pistol + Machine Gun + Rifle Rentals

Connecticut’s premier shooting range now offers gun rentals!

We have all of the major brands such as Glock, Sig Sauer, Charter Arms, S&W and more.

Our diverse collection offers you a broad spectrum to choose from, including 1911’s, revolvers, rifles and machine guns.

Fully Automatic Guns (Machine Guns)

Over a dozen to choose from! Largest selection available to the public in CT!

$40 = Gun + Time + Magazines

Magazine Costs: $25/9mm Mag, $30/45 Mag, $35/5.56 Mag

21 Gun Salute

21 rounds out of any of our rental pistols, time included - $21 (Excluding Desert Eagle .50AE)