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We offer a wide selection of new, used and consignment firearms.

At Delta Arsenal we cater for everyone from the complete novice to the professional. We strongly believe in providing an honest and fair service.

Our experienced staff will assist you in selecting the firearm that’s right for you.  Your best interest is our concern, not pushing you toward more expensive choices for the sake of making a higher sale.

If we don’t have it on the shelf, we will order it for you at a competitive rate!


Class 3

Suppressors, Machine Guns, SBR, SBS, AOWs We can do it all!

We are a licensed Class 3 Dealer enabling us to legally carry and sell items such as suppressors, machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns and AOW’s.

Delta Arsenal also uses a locally sourced lawyer who can advise you on areas such as creating a revocable living trust. The revocable living trust protects you and enables you to have multiple trustees and beneficiaries.



Wide selection of ammunition available for sale.

Whether you are shooting on our indoor shooting range or taking it to go, customers with an approved CT Permit or Certificate can purchase ammunition in our store.

We carry most common calibers for pistol, rifle and shotguns. 



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