Services We Offer

Come to Delta Arsenal for your gunsmithing needs.

Call or email for pricing inquiries, or if there is something not listed that we can do for you.

Basic Repairs

We have certified gun smiths on staff to remedy problems with your firearm. We also have Glock Certified Armorers on staff.

Pinning Breaks

Have your muzzle device permanently affixed to your barrel.

Pinning Stocks

Have your stock permanently affixed for legality purposes.

Unpinning Stocks

Have your stock unpinned by a professional.


If you are not sure what is wrong with your firearm, or have an old gun that needs a go-through.

Firearm Cleaning

Often times the most overlooked part of gun care, firearm cleaning is extremely important to the functionality of your weapon. Whether it’s a 1911 pistol or a high caliber rifle, we take great care in doing a comprehensive deep cleaning of your firearm.

Trigger Work

Don’t like the way your trigger feels? We can help. Change the trigger system on your firearm and customize it to your needs.

Mount Scope / Bore Sight

Scopes are only as accurate as the installation. Let us ensure that your rifle or handgun shoots straight every time.

Customized Firearms

We can build a gun from the receiver and up, or modify what you already have. We can add rail systems, a different barrel, pistol grips, stocks, etc.!  

Barrel Threading

Firearm barrel threading involves adding a thread to the end of the barrel (pistols & long barrel rifles) to add the ability for a suppressor to be attached.

SBR Engraving

The ATF requires all short barrel rifles to be engraved with the manufacturer’s name, city, and state. Also, if you have a living trust with SBR rifles, it is required that you have your SBR engraved with the name of the living trust.